Fire at Grenfell Tower

There are many ways you can become homeless – eviction, domestic violence, mental illness, alcoholism. In my two years working in Emergency Housing at Hammersmith and Fulham Council I saw them all. But the worst by far was fire. People who lose their homes through fire suffer major trauma just from shock, and then in… Continue reading Fire at Grenfell Tower


BACK TO ISRAEL IN WONDERLAND ACHAREI-MOT 5776  – Saturday 30th April 2016  Sermon delivered by Rabbi Michael Hilton, Kol Chai Hatch End Reform Jewish Community © Michael Hilton 2016 The most moving moment of my week came as a surprise. I was on my way home from Kol Chai on Tuesday afternoon and listening to the… Continue reading AFTER HILLSBOROUGH


For the sin of silence, For the sin of indifference, For the secret complicity of the neutral, For the closing of borders, For the washing of hands, For the crime of indifference, For the sin of silence, For the closing of borders, For all that was done, For all that was not done, Let there… Continue reading DEALING WITH THE NAZIS