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We have already looked at Biblical Precedents for lighting sacrificial fires

We have also looked a Bickerman's & Goldstein's references to the Books of Maccabees

The author of an anonymous letter preserved in  II Maccabees 1 - 2 calls the festival "Days of Tabernacles and Days of the Fire." There is no other reference to a Jewish "Days of Fire."  Could this be circumstantial evidence for a  "fire" in the heavens?

Does the Bible itself have anything to say about this period?

The Book of Daniel was just being finished at this time.

The earlier chapters are set in the period of Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed the 1st Temple.

However, the apocalyptic visions in the later ones refer the the persecuting Babylonian kingdoms.

Goldstein mentioned the prophecy about the 3-year period of desolation of the Temple in Daniel 12:11.

Al Wolters* thinks Daniel 12:3 refers to a comet.

* Redeemer College, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, (JSOT 61, {1994}, Sheffield Academic Press, pp. 111-20)