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The dates of the Maccabean Wars were difficult for historians to work out.

(Elias Bickerman became one of the leading experts in Maccabean studies and his book on the ancient chronology has become the accepted standard work).

I Maccabees 4:52 says the Temple was rededicated on "the 25th of the 9th month, (that is the month of Kislev), in the year 148."

The year 148 was in the era of the kings descended from Seluecus.  This era started in 312 BCE so year 148 began in 164 BCE.

The Hebrew month of Kislev normally begins in November or December, but in 164 BCE it began in September, (according to Jonathan Goldstein, who edited the Anchor Bible edition, {Henry Doubleday, 1976}, of the 1st Book of Maccabees).

In that year the 25th of Kislev equated to 16th October 164 BCE

Why should it have?

Was this really the right date? The books of Maccabees contain contradictions.