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This presentation is based on an article by Rabbi Michael Hilton and Peter Schick that appeared in the Journal of Progressive Judaism, (No.9, November 1997, Sheffield Academic Press Ltd).

The festival of Chanukah commemorates the rededication of the Temple at Jerusalem on 25th Kislev 164 BCE, after the Maccabees had recaptured it from their Seleucid oppressors.

Why did they rededicate the Temple on 25th Kislev?
  The article showed that the answer might have been that there were signs in the heavens that earlier explanations had ignored.

SolTemp2.jpg (217305 bytes)

Reconstruction of King Solomon's Temple at the Bible Museum, Amsterdam


The historical background

When the rededication happened

Previous explanations
for choosing 25th Kislev

Were there any
Signs in the heavens?

Babylonian astronomical records
confirming what the ancients saw

Refererences in
the Bible and other writings


: Astronomy software used for the sky simulations:
'Dance of the Planets' , (ARC Science Simulations -,
'Redshift' , (Maris Multimedia -,
'Starry Night Pro' for the videos, (,
The 'Times Atlas of World History', for the map.