Oxford Three Faiths 2022 Brochure

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Our latest Oxford Three Faiths conference will take place at Wycliffe Hall Oxford, and online, at the end of the March 2022. Please find brochure above. Because of the emergence from Covid, we have a very short lead-in this year, with little time to recruit participants.The United Nations IPCC sixth climate science report, released a few days ago, suggests that the climate battle is being lost, and there is much climate damage which is now irreversible. Unfortunately, in a Europe at war, this report failed to make much impact. This makes our event even more important at this critical time.

Our emphasis is around the growing theological reflections around climate change. Over 80% of the world’s population have a religious faith or a link to a faith community. Without the world’s faith leaders on board, we shall not be able to make the changes we need.

Please consider coming along or attending online.

Our conferences always include not just discussion and learning, but the chance to experience the weekend worship and celebrations of our three Abrahamic faiths – Friday Jummah prayers, Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat prayers, and a Christian Eucharist on Sunday. These events, all geared to the conference theme, will provide an experiential way to learn about our family of faiths, as Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Rabbi Dr Michael Hilton

Author, Campaigner, Scholar, Teacher, Friend